Pulterit ry


Student lobbying covers all matters relating to the promotion and monitoring of the interests of students and the subject organisation. It can be divided into educational and social lobbying. Education policy (kopo) covers issues related to education and its organisation, while social policy (sopo) focuses on student welfare, equality and livelihood. In addition, student representatives (halloped) work at different levels of the university administration to promote the interests of students in the university world.

The Pulterit Association actively monitors and promotes the interests of geology students. The Education Policy Officers and the Equality and Welfare Officers are responsible for the activities and communication of their respective sectors. Hallopeds are part of the departmental council and act as a link between students and the department. Advocacy is therefore carried out in cooperation with students and staff. In addition, at faculty level, the Hybridi Association is responsible for lobbying, and at university level, the Students’ Union.

If you have any questions about lobbying, please contact us:

Education and Social policy representative: Jessica Lindholm jesmli[at]utu.fi