Pulterit ry

New students

Congratulations on your new study place!

Welcome to the Department of Geology and Mineralogy at Turku Academy.

Pulterit Ry is a joint subject association for geology students at University of Turku and Åbo Akademi. Our mission is to promote students’ rights and support their physical and mental well-being. During the academic year, Pulterit organises various events in which everyone can participate and serves as a support in the broad student life of Turku. We are the quickest way to find out about the best parties and useful information about studying. In addition, our magazine, Iskos, is published twice a year for all geology students!

By getting acquainted with our websites you will find a lot of useful information.

If you have any questions, you can contact the board (contact information can be found under Organization → The Board) or if you want to reach the whole board, please email pulterithal[at]utu.fi

Otherwise you will get all the necessary information during the introduction week from the tutors who will contact you before the start of the intro-week!