Pulterit ry


The main objective of Pulterit ry is to promote the interests of its members in their studies and working life. One of the main objectives of Pulterit is to act as a link between the students studying geology in University of Turku and Åbo Akademi and thus between the two universities. In order to achieve these goals, Pulterit actively organises a wide range of activities in addition to its guidance activities.

Pulterit organises events ranging from relaxed game nights to raucous overnight parties. To bring the membership together, Pulterit events play an essential role in student recreational activities. Regularly organised throughout the year, these recreational activities help students stay on track with their studies. Activities organised by the Pulterit organisation include game and film nights, active sports activities, dinners, traditional and non-traditional events and parties, as well as excursions and cooperation with other organisations. As a practical science, the study of geology is essentially linked to various excursions and study trips to Finland and abroad. Pulterit also supports the teaching offered by the department by organising its own excursions and field trips to places of interest to students.

Pulterit is also actively involved in student advocacy. Pulterit is actively involved in decision-making with the Geology Department regarding the recent merger of the Geography and Geology Departments, the renewal of the Geology curriculum and Geotalo amenities.  The merger of the Geography and Geology Departments has also led to closer cooperation with Synapsi ry, a student association of geography and biology students at the University of Turku, and we organise joint parties, excursions, hang-out nights and sports activities. Pulterit also take care of tutoring new students in the ins and outs of student life.

Pulterit actively cooperates with the faculty’s other subject associations at the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi, but also with other Finnish geology students. Together with the Oulu Geological Club Nikoli ry and the Helsinki Geological Club Vasara, Pulterit organises an annual Geological City Mapping Tour to maintain friendships and long-standing cooperation between the cities.

You can follow the activities through Pulterit’s social media channels, most actively on Instagram.