Pulterit ry



Loimu (http://www.loimu.fi/) is an association of natural, environmental and forestry scientists. Loimu was formed when the Finnish Association of Environmental Experts (YKL), the Union of Natural Science Academics (LAL) and the Forestry Association merged on 1 January 2017. Pulterit ry cooperates with Loimu. Loimu has supported Pulterit’s activities by paying for studentoveralls and sponsoring our excursions. We inform our members about the benefits of belonging to the federation.

Department of Geography and Geology

Pulterit ry works closely with the Department of Geology at the Institute of Geography and Geology. The Department of Geology and Department of Geography merged to be the Department of Geography and Geology at the beginning of 2011. Pulterit also cooperates with the Department of Geography. Our organisation maintain an ongoing dialogue with the staff of the Geology Department on issues such as study and student welfare. The department has a KOUKE working group, where Pulterit are represented by a student member elected at the autumn meeting.


Since the merger of the Departments of Geography and Geology, there has been increased cooperation with Synapsi ry, a student organisation for biology and geology students. Joint excursions, parties and other hang-out events are organised for students. We work together with Synapsi’s education policy officer and the hallopeds to ensure that all students in our department have a good time and study well.


We also cooperate with Hybridi ry, the front organisation for student organisations in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Representatives of our subject organisation also sit on the board of Hybridi and joint events of the subject organisations of the Faculty of Science and Technology have been popular with the students.


The association maintains relations with the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) and the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Turku – especially with the Faculty’s student advisors. Board members also frequently participate in training events organised by TYY.

Other geologists

The Geological Urban Mapping, a joint event of Finnish geologists, is held alternately in Turku, Helsinki and Oulu. The event has become a tradition and has been well attended, becoming one of the highlights of the academic year. In October 2017, a city survey was carried out in Turku.  Relationships are also built through joint field courses for geologists.


In recent years, seminars and alumni days have been organised to bring early career students closer to the world of work and to graduates who are geologists in the workplace. Teaching and training cooperation is carried out with the Geological Survey of Finland and Posiva, among others. Companies also often sponsor our excursions and other activities.